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Individuals interested in studying Nagano Ryu Heihou in our distance training program are welcome to do so. If there are no licensed schools or Instructors in your location, we would like to make training available to anyone interested.   As an officially recognized study group or an individual member you will receive regular Online Video training from licensed instructors. Additionally, your class schedule will be synchronized with classes in the Headquarters where you will be training along with the class via 2 Way Live Streaming. You will be able to see us and we will be able to see you. In this way you can ask questions and receive corrections live.  You will also travel to the National Headquarters to train, attend workshops and seminars, with full membership. Sanctioned study groups receive full support from the Nagano Ryu Headquarters. Once members of a study group attains a license, those individuals can request permission to from the headquarters to open a branch school. 



Joining is easy. Start by sending an email to ( Tell us about yourself and your interest in Budo. We will respond to your message with detailed information about your responsibilities as a student and what our expectations are. Then we will email you the admission form.  





What about your membership and training? All members must attend our Annual TAI KAI (every year the last week of September). Additionally you will need to attend 3 workshops per year and make an entry in the Nagano Ryu Student Book with our permission. 


In order to get started after admission has been approved by our National Headquarters, you will need the following:

  1) White Dogi (Uniform) & White Keikogi (Get the White Dogi first, however you need both)

  2) Kaku Obi

  3) Ryuha Patch "From Headquarters"

  4) Iaito

  5) Black Hakama (Not Needed to Start but needed after the first 60 days)

  6) Personal Journal

  7) 3 Ring Notebook



Nagano Ryu Rules of membership. 

  1) NEVER engage in arguments (Online or In person) regarding another schools background, tradition, history, or legitimacy "Heritage". It is not our place to do so. Engaging is such arguments shows poor behavior and is more often then not disrespectful. 


  2) NEVER teach or attempt to teach Nagano Ryu techniques, if you are not licensed to do so. 


  3) Maintain polite, respectful, and distinguished behavior at all times. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in the cancellation of the individuals membership.   

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