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How to join us?

       We are very traditional when it comes to our approach to membership. Firstly, we are not a commercial school and there-fore we only open membership slots every so many months or years. The nature of our system is such that not everyone is interested in the sacrifice required to learn not only by coming to class, but also in studying at home. The journey is a life changing one that requires intense focus and lots of hard training and studying. Everything from learning the Japanese language, writing system, to learning Budo principles, how to write and express those principles in our physical techniques. We spend a great deal of time learning history and tradition as well as learning the military arts of the samurai. Training will include but are not limited too, use of ropes, Swords, spears, Staffs, Sickles, Fans, throwing projectiles, to various forms of hand to hand tactics. We spend a lot of time focused on mental toughness, body conditioning and hardening, because our arts involve lots of intricate throwing techniques and joint locking techniques. 


         If you live in the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg area or any of the surrounding areas and you are interested, we have officially begun accepting new students on a limited bases. We will only be taking in a limited number of new students as our space is limited. 

         To join, go over to our Facebook group and tell us about you and your interest. 


          Note to our Guest:

           Individuals interested in training with us at the honbu dojo must be at least 18 years of age. We do not have an individual kids class.

Nagano Ryu Heihou Adult Class schedule

                       Monday:       6:30pm to 8:00pm

                       Tuesday:       6:30pm to 8:00pm

                       Wednesday: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

                       Saturday:     11:00am to 1:00pm

  • Fayetteville, Fort Bragg
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