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Nagano Ryu Honbu Dojo 


Precepts of Heihou

  • Forging the mind and body is the end goal. Become a better you. 

  • Learn Politeness, Patience, Physical and Mental Endurance

  • Never lose your sense of gratitude

  • The mind must be flexible not fixed 

  • Become comfortable being uncomfortable for the path is not easy

What you should know when joining the Honbu Dojo

  • Always finish what you start (Never Give Up)

  • Follow the rules and keep your promises

  • Your word is over-all most important. Always keep it. 

  • Honor has no time- Be very careful what you say 

  • Manners are extremely important. Be mind-of of your words and actions 

The Path in Budo

The path of Budo has been taught since ancient times and over time it has formed a culture of its own. The growing personalities of those who are chosen and/or have chosen to walk the path ultimately seek to find personal harmony and inner strength. By diligently training students develop their character. The forging process builds a life time fraternal bond among the practitioners, who through friendship, physical hardship, and mental endurance a connection in the spirit of Budo is forged.The goal of Heihou is to provide a cultural education.

The Mental Attitude (No Mind)- Mushin

  • During Keiko (practice) maintain sustained effort.

  • Do not try to learn from what you think is occurring. The eyes can not always be trusted. Allow your body and senses to feel the technique. Find inner understanding.

  • Never lose your passion.

  • Consider the words of your Senpai (those more experienced than you). They will help you in your path of growth. They must be taken with humility and kindness.

  • Vanity impedes progress and creates isolation

  • The forging process will test you emotionally. As you face adversity, strive to keep your mind calm and quite. 

Core Rules

  • Do not argue over technique. Follow the Sensei's instruction.

  • Do not train in other places. 

  • Only licensed instructors are allowed to teach. 

  • Our techniques are for self defense ONLY.

  • Do not go to other teachers without approval of your Sensei. All approvals must be written. 


Admission Requirements

  • Anyone who wishes to be admitted as a student at the Honbu dojo and intends to meet these conditions will be accepted

  • Admission requires a complete registration form with registration fee. 

  • A person who is admitted to the dojo must accept and obey the rules and conditions of the dojo

  • Anyone who acts against the precepts of the dojo or disrupts the morality of the dojo will be issued a dismissal order


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