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How we got started:


   The Alliance of Intelligent Minds Martial Arts Association (aka- NAGANO RYU HEIHOU KYOKAI) was founded in 1996 by Jamie Ellerbe, at North Carolina A&T State University as a student Jujutsu Federation in accordance with the World Martial Arts Federations bylaws. The Alliance (as it was called then) was the first officially sanctioned student federation under the World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF) and all of its members received nationally recognized ranks by the WMAF advisory board. Jamie Ellerbe Soke created the Alliance in response to a series of robberies, rapes, and to combat the growing violence that many students had to face on campus. As a result, the Alliance took action by providing free self-defense classes for students, providing transportation for students with late evening classes, as well as working with Fraternities and Sororities to provide support when needed. 


    In 1999, the Alliance's advisory board transitioned from a student organization into an independent governing body. It was at that time that the Alliance became its own authorizing body with the continued support of the WMAF. In the coming years, the Alliance produced many Yudansha and its enrollment grew. In 2001, the Alliance became an International Martial Arts Federation and the only official governing federation for Nagano Ryu Heiho.      


    Today, the Alliance is now known as the Nagano Ryu Heihou Kyokai and is the only official governing body for Nagano Ryu Heihou in and outside the United States. Our goals are simple. We enjoy the study of ancient samurai traditions. In this we seek to preserve the spirit of traditional bujutsu and spread its teachings. This in mind, the Nagano Ryu Heihou Kyokai is focused on maintaining technical excellence, and preserving the warrior arts of Japan, while moving and updating our system in order to save the lives of our loved ones in these turbulent times.



    Our passion is to teach and preserve the warrior arts of Japan.  Additionally, we take a modernized approach to self-defense, self-development, and organizational growth while keeping with the high technical & philosophical standards set forth by our founder.


   Our standards are based on a high moral code. However, we as an organization are passionate about Japanese martial arts, and with that passion there are responsibilities that we gladly accept. We highly value Honor, Dignity, Courage, Respect, and Perseverance. It is with these values that good people and martial artists are made. 



   As an organization, we are committed to technical excellence and the preservation of Nagano Ryu Heihou as well as its parent arts.  Our mission is to preserve Japanese warrior arts, its culture, and traditions but this also means ensuring that we maintain and update our techniques for today's times. Our mission is also to honor and reconnect with our parent arts. We provide our communities with cultural awareness and safety awareness programs, safety guiding principles along with the moral and ethical  characteristics  and skill necessary  for our members to defend themselves,their families, and loved ones. 


                                                                                  OUR VISION

    We are dedicated to studying and preserving the ancient arts of Japan. This is achieved through intense study of martial theory & training as well as through building positive ethical relationships, maintaining exemplary behavior, and promoting Japanese Martial Arts as a means to improving personal growth and the development of healthy minds and spirits. Our approach to the art is purely based on intense training, immersion, strength of will, ethical baselines and discipline. We strive to develop disciplined and determined minds with an intense focus on strategy and personal development.


                                                                   OUR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

  • Preservation of Nagano Ryu Heihou with a high technical standard.

  • Preservation of the Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan Tradition

  • Providing our Community with awareness programs and safety programs to improve the success rate of self-awareness & self-defense.

  • To preserve Koryu Bujutsu in the United States.

  • Providing events and programs that will create a bridge between Modern Japanese Arts founded outside of Japan and the parent Koryu Arts founded in Japan to reconnect in mutual respect

  •  To connect with like-minded organizations interested in the preservation of Japanese Koryu and Gendairyu.





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