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                      Legal Registration

The following names are registered proprietary names of the Nagano-Ryu Heihou Kyokai:

  • Nagano-Ryu Heihou

  • Nagano Ryu Aikijujutsu

  • Ganseki Ryu Hyoho

  • Ganseki Ryu Hojojutsu

  • Tenjin Ryu Bugei

Nagano Ryu Heihou Kyokai has been granted legal permissions to utilize the Matsuda Den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan Shoubukai Shidokai name with all rights of use. The Nagano Ryu Heihou Kyokai is an official member of Renshinkan, Shoubukai, Shidokai, and the International Renshinkan Japan Bujutsu Federation  国際練心館日本武術連盟 

Permission granted by 38TH Honbucho MICHIO TAKASE SHIHAN

These include the following types of usages:

  • Type 9: video-recording to tapes, discs etc. (obtained in October 1995).

  • Type 16: use in magazines, newspapers etc. (obtained in March 1996).

  • Type 41: Teaching, planning/operating/convening of meeting and seminars, etc. (obtained in December 1998)

The names Nagano Ryu Heihou, Nagano Ryu Aikijujutsu, Ganseki Ryu Hyoho, Tenjin Ryu, & Ganseki Ryu Hojojutsu are all copyright 2019 and Trademarked with all rights reserved. Unapproved use is prohibited. All official Nagano Ryu Heihou & Tenjin Ryu licensed instructors will have signed approval documents posted in their branch dojo with the National Headquarters approval posted and framed for your viewing.




NAGANO RYU HEIHOU KYOKAI©2019 All Rights Reserved

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